As much of an early adopter I am, I sometimes miss the boat on some big crazy trends. One of them was the iPod. No, I’m not kidding. I just got my first iPod ever (a pink nano video) about 2 months ago.

Boy am I ever glad I held out. I mean I feel like I missed years of music listening opportunities, but having video capabilities is just amazing. My favourite thing to do is load up some video podcasts and head to the gym. Before I used to watch TV at the gym and get de-motivated during commercial breaks (Poor attention span sometimes), but now I can watch the content I choose interruption and commercial free!

Here are a few of my fav podcasts (both video & audio) on a variety of topics:

  • Ask A Ninja – A classic! It’s a silly show for Ninja enthusiasts.
  • Generally Speaking Production Network’s Lost podcast – All Lost fans need to listen to at least one podcast & this one I particularly enjoy!
  • Jaffe Juice – Conversation marketing podcast with Joseph Jaffe of crayon. Always loaded with useful information (in fact, that’s how I found out about the GSPN Lost podcast) and he’s got a delightful accent as well which always helps!
  • Six Pixels of Separation – fellow Canadian Mitch Joel talks about social media and all sorts of cutting edge marketing stuff
  • Wired News – Alt Text Podcast. Seriously, host Lore has made me burst out laughing numerous times. The first episode I listened to, he was dissecting the lyrics to “La Isla Bonita” specifically how it makes no sense.

This is really just a random sampling… but I’m always on the lookout for great new podcasts (especially video ones!) Please tell me your favourites in the comments…

5 thoughts to “Go podcast crazy… What's on my iPod

  • Mitch Joel - Twist Image

    whoa! thanks for including me in your list… very kind!

    I’d definitely add these in:

    – Managing The Gray.
    – For Immediate Release.
    – Marketing Over Coffee.
    – American Copywriter.
    – Inside PR.
    – Shill Podcast.
    – Trafcom News
    – In Over Your Head.
    – Search Engine and Spark from CBC.
    – dicksnjanes – Scarborough Dude!

  • Cliff Ravenscraft - Podcast Answer Man

    Thanks so much for the mention of our LOST PODCAST.

    Glad to make your list! Not to mention to be among the other great podcasters and friends you mentioned along side me.


  • Joseph Jaffe

    Glad you’re listening…which reminds me that I’m hopelessly late to record episode #107.

  • Warren Whitlock

    media when you want it, where you want it.. that’s the future.

    Imagine what our grandkids will say when we tell them that programs used to be interrupted.. and how we just sat there.

    They will be laughing at commercial TV for sure

  • Brandi Sundby

    If you’re working/geeking in Canada’s social media space, and only have time for one podcast – hands down, CBC’s Spark.
    I’ll pop the iTunes into my ears on the way to work, and by the time I arrive, I often feel creative and inspired.


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