BB Bold from News.comOk, I realllly should have a smart phone, but I’ve been putting it off in hopes of the iPhone *finally* making it’s way to Canada… Well now Canadian company Research in Motion has announced its new BlackBerry Bold — likely a worthy rival to the iPhone. Unfortunately it will only be available on the GSM network, which means I’ll have to get back with the certain wireless provider I despise, but I think it’ll be worth it. (Same deal with the iPhone anyway) If anyone has heard anything about the Bold yet, please drop a comment and let me know, I’m very interested!

Here’s a full story about the Blackberry Bold…

PS- Sorry for the hiatus, I took a week’s vacation in Cali, and much to my dismay I had to pay daily for a WIFI connection! While I did cave (three times) I was so overwhelmed with my inbox and feeding my twitter addiction, I didn’t make time to post. However, I’m back and hoping to contribute here and over at Be Relevant! more often!

2 thoughts to “iPhone rival???


    strangely it loks very much like nokia new E71
    they all seem to be the same really do you want qwerty keyboard ?
    I dont on a device that small


    John Jones

  • Kelly

    I *do* want a qwerty keyboard! Especially after using a regular old cell for text msging for so long now. Also tried the HTC Touch with the weird touch 2-digits per button keyboard and I did not enjoy it at all.

    However, the bold has just been delayed, so I’m thinking the iphone is in my future again.


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