Unless you’re in consumer-packaged goods or fashion, you probably worry too much about your brand. Especially if your efforts are focused online, you most definitely are worried too much about your brand.

Now I will admit I *could* sit on both sides of this argument, but my real peeve is pulling the “brand” card like your brand makes a big difference in people’s lives, because chances are, it doesn’t. What *really* makes a difference – excellent customer service, open and honest communication and respecting your customers/prospects/stakeholders as real people.

Considering that you spend a lot of money “protecting your brand” only to have people reading your blog in an unbranded reader, or getting your emails as text or mangled HTML, or maybe just mis-read or represented by others. Is it really worth it?

2 thoughts to “Protecting your brand? From what? The brand police???

  • Martin Edic

    “Unless you’re in consumer-packaged goods or fashion…”
    That’s a very big ‘unless’ I think.

  • Kelly

    You are correct Martin, but my experience is with b2b companies and others where their livelihood does not necessarily revolve around the brand, hence why I find it a little silly!

    Thanks for commenting!


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