I’m posing this question not only because it’ll be helpful for my fellow Canadian readers, but also for myself! I’m currently working on a contract that’s coming to an end soon so I’m thinking about landing a job doing what I *really* love, which (surprise, surprise) is all about online PR, digital marketing and social media.

What I’m really looking for is to identify companies that are looking for, and can truly benefit from, avid and enthusiastic social media users from PR and marketing walks-of-life. Whether it’s a social media strategist role, a community manager, or a more traditional PR/marketing role with a heavy focus on the social media stuff, these roles seem to be few and far between up here in the great white north…

What I’m really looking for as well is Canadian companies who absolutely revolve around the “Web 2.0” (for lack of a better word here, it’s been a long day!) way of business (think Google & its unique corporate culture). Specifically those that treat each employee as an valuable asset, one that takes an open minded approach to trying new things, and one that’s on the cutting edge of technology and marketing techniques –all the good stuff.

By now these types of companies are a dime a dozen in the US. However, though I’ll admit I haven’t looked *too* hard, I haven’t heard much about Canadian companies like this. Sure some are trying to pass off as this new breed of company, but few actually “walk the walk.”

So without future ado, throw out a suggestion or idea about either sites to find these types of jobs, or some hot companies to keep an eye on. I’ll get it started….

Job Posting Sites

  • Ok I could taket he time to post a bunch of good ones, but fortunately My Name is Kate has *already* done that for us! However, I will point out again One Degree (which Kate also owns) as definitely one of the best ones, though not a lot of job postings they are often high quality.
  • Yansarazin, a fellow Ottawan & Twitter buddy recommends sites like TechCrunch & Mashable, which seem to have some awesome job posts–but not many Canadian. (When I first asked on Twitter, I didn’t specify Canadian)
  • StandOutJobs.com is a Canadian site which caters to the market, probably a good one to keep an eye on.
  • Jeremiah Owyang has lots of great advice on his site, as well as tips where to find a job, but again it’s very much US-based as well as focused on large enterprises.

Companies to keep an eye on

This is the biggie – and where I’m looking for your help. Drop a comment and tell me about some innovative Canadian companies that fit the bill. (International companies with a strong presence in Canada will do too) I will update this section as I find/hear about them.

  • Radian6, who’s social media monitoring software I will be reviewing here very soon seems to be a company to keep an eye on & I was pleasantly surprised to learn they’re based in New Brunswick.
  • Canada.zappos.com Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is definitely a social media mover and shaker, and though the company is based in Las Vegas, I wonder if it’s Canadian branch has some social media leadership potential? Or maybe they need someone like me around? haha

I can probably think of a few more, but it’s bed time, so over to you! Tell me about some great Canadian companies or how you landed your awesome social media job or whatever’s on your mind…


Colin suggests starting your own business to do what you really love. I *love* the idea, but scared about losing the consistent monthly income (esp. after working in the public sector) That’s definitely where I’m headed but a while out. PS-If you need any sort of web marketing–Colin is your guy!

Yan chimed in again, this time with Canadian sites like StartUpOttawa.com, Startupnorth.ca, MontrealTechWatch.com, MarkEvansTech.com.

12 thoughts to “Finding a social media job… Canadian edition

  • Colin

    As you know, I landed my awesome Web 2.0/social media/web marketing job by not getting a job. If you can’t find a good web company to work for, make one! Warning: It’s a LOT more work. I’d hire ya if I could afford it.

    Momentous.ca (owners of Zip.ca) had some good stuff going at one time… but their site says “optimized for IE6 and Firefox 1.0” so I’m not sure anymore.

  • Yan

    I guess I’ll add a few more since you didn’t specify Canadian sites only πŸ™‚

    A good place to start is sites like Startupnorth.ca, MontrealTechWatch.com, MarkEvansTech.com and StartupOttawa.com. Sites like these will often have job postings. What’s also great is that they profile Canadian companies so you can then follow their blog and get notified when they have positions open.

    I email Scott Lake last week try to get a dedicated job board on StartupOttawa.com.

  • David Alston

    Hey there Kelly. Thanks for including us in the list of companies to keep an eye on. Looking forward to the review. Cheers.

  • kelly

    @Colin on the surface Momentous seems to be doing some cool stuff. Though I’ve heard some rumours about the place, so I’ll settle with a “No Comment” for now.

  • Simon Chen

    Nice post idea!

    If you’re interested in Radian6, you may also want to check out Ottawa-based DNA13.

    We (Ramius) will be growing as we begin to beta our new Sixent service so keep an eye on our Careers page.

    I think you should help me find future guest speakers for our local Social Media Breakfast! My co-founders also have companies to check out: Ryan @ Fuel, Rob @ Overlay.TV

  • Kelly

    Hi Simon

    Thanks for the tips!

    Can’t believe I forgot Ramius–Seems like an awesome company & I’m in love with your office!

    Fuel is definitely doing some cool stuff too, in fact I can’t even visit it’s website without getting sucked into one of its games for hours! (They have a pretty sweet office too actually)

    Overlay.tv I only heard about via the Social Media Breakfast, but it sounds interesting. Love that they are Ottawa-based too. We are finally getting on the social media map!

    As for speakers–I did have an idea. What about getting some social media power users. You know, the influencer types that companies want to reach to spread the word. I can’t think of any names of the top of my head, but what about that guy who made the most contributions to Wikipedia-isn’t he from Ottawa? Whatever happened to him? I’m sure there are others that might make for an interesting panel or something.

  • allan isfan

    You might want to add the absolutely incredible startup called favequest. They are building a new video platform for the social age and recently released an app on facebook that you can check out at http://apps.facebook.com/favequest/ or by going to http://www.favequest.com and clicking the “try it” button.

    Ok … so I’m biased … I’m one of co-founders. You can follow me on twitter @isfan and I just posted a very important blog just this morning at http://isfanstartup.blogspot.com about “my big dream to make the world a better place”.

    We’re looking for a few people but of the s/w developer type at this point.

  • Simon Chen

    We’d like to get recording & green screen studios like our friends at Fuel!

    Great idea re Breakfast speakers. Love to hear more.

  • Kelly

    Ok got another one for you. Even though I just borderline badmouthed the parent company… Zip.ca has a cool community site going at zip.tv and they are also local.

    Might make for a cool case study style presentation.

  • Simon Chen

    I thought about that. A conference sales guy called me recently to pitch attending a Customer Self-Service Conference and he pointed out that the Zip CFO is going to speak at it on the topic of cultivating customer loyalty via online community (sorry, that’s made up but the topic is something like that). Anyway, it stuck in my mind because I’d be interested in seeing my CFO do that πŸ˜‰ Anyway it’s a good suggestion. I’m not very familiar with Zip as I don’t use it but I got to know the previous community manager from the Community 2.0 Conference that we attended last year. Good suggestion – I’ll look into it.

  • Veronica Giggey

    Try checking out Virtual PR firm like Perkett PR, or even a local one like Thornley Fallis. They’re both pretty active in the social media space.
    I just got what I hope will be a great job with Social Media Group based out of Dundas. If all goes well, I’ll end up relocating next year, but I think it will be well worth it.
    Good Luck and also take a look at http://www.redcanary.ca seems like a neat job site.

  • kelly

    Thanks Veronica and congrats on the new job!!

    BTW-Apparently I work with your hubby! I don’t think we’ve actually met though.


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