It’s no surprise where I sit in this debate. One need not look further than the address bar! We all type it the same, but some say it differently, so please answer this poll and let me know which you say. AND if you’re really passionate about it, please drop a comment and make your case!

My justification is pretty simple… You don’t say “Google[POINT]com do you?? Dot dot dot. It just sounds better.

7 thoughts to “How do you say it: Web 2[dot]0? Web 2[point]0? Just Web 2-0?

  • Sue Murphy

    But the “.” in 2.0 is based on a reference to software versioning (e.g. Firefox 4.0 = four-point-oh.) is a URL (google-dot-com). One’s a decimal, the other’s a period.

  • snobiwan

    I say “point” simply because it’s a decimal point. If I listened to my Grade 5 teacher, I would be calling it Web Two Decimal Zero. After all this, I might just call it Web Two Interpunct Zero just to be different, and confuse typesetters.

  • kelly

    Yea but remember when radio stations used to be “point” and now they are all “dot” I was totally against it, but now I’m with it.

    @Sue Murphy
    My viewpoint is software versions=boring stuff. URLs & internet=fun stuff and Web 2.0 fits with the latter, even if the term was borrowed from the first

  • Colin

    I say “two point oh”. As Sue said, it’s a number, and ‘point’ is normal for numbers. To be honest I like the sound of it better… “dot oh” sounds like “dull” to me.

  • Scott Oakley

    I just say Web 2. I find the dot oh redundant. Will the web ever have incremental versions? Web 2.6? I doubt it.

  • Kelly

    @Scott Oakley
    Ah, a good point you have… but you never know, maybe one day we *will* have Web 2.6 or 2.6.1… Not very forward thinking! (For the record, that would be ridiculous)

  • Colin

    Haha. Web 2.0 is kind of ridiculous itself. It’s a bit ambiguous.


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