When Twitter first started gaining momentum, it was called “permission-based stalking” by some. (I’d credit whoever came up with the term, but I have *no* idea who it was). However that term sort of died down as Twitter popularity went up, especially as people found other uses for it, rather than just stalking.

However, many of us who’ve been obsessing over our iPhone 3G’s have discovered Twinkle. A twitter app that also records your location, so you can find “Tweeple” near you. I thought it was a little creepy at first, but it seems really cool! Not sure I have a solid understanding of why it’s great… but I see some potential…

So have you used Twinkle? What are your thoughts on location-based twittering?

4 thoughts to “Location-based microblogging… Cool or creepy?!

  • Colin

    I haven’t used Twinkle yet, but I’ve been thinking about trying it. It reminds me of brightkite.com, which I haven’t found useful yet.

    I guess it could be good for random socialization, especially in a busy area, but I think it’s only good if enough people adopt it. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.

    If it started auto-reporting your position as you moved, now THAT would be creepy.

  • jennyvier

    Hi there. ^_^

    I’ve only recently gotten into microblogging via twinkle and I’ll a big fan! (In fact, Twinkle is how I found the link I your blog, as you’re within 25 miles of my location.)

    It feels almost like an ever-evolving chat room. For example, when I go to Seattle in August for the Penny Arcade Expo, I’ll add the twitters of others from the PAX message boards who are attending and I’ll be always filled in on “non-official happenings” around the con.

    As I haven’t yet encountered anyone creepy, I haven’t got a creepy vibe yet, but I could see the *potential* for all around weirdness.

    Also, while I like the term “Tweople”, I’m still partial to “Twits”. ^_~*

  • Ed

    Thanks for blogging about Twinkle! Hopefully you end-up on the cool side rather than the latter 😉 There is a neat post about using your location in Twinkle here. We hope you have fun with it!
    Thanks again,
    -The Tapulous Team

  • Nabeel R.

    I personally find it really interesting to see what others in my neighbourhood are doing, plus it’s nice to see other tech orented people in my home town.


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