Dave Forde over at Profectio has initiated a contest to find out who is Canada’s most influencial man and woman in social media. Voting closes at midnight Dec. 31.

I am extremely honoured to have been nominated as one of Canada’s most influential women in social media, but I do feel like I have a lot more to do before I’d be worthy the title. So I’d love your support but I also acknowledge there are many other fabulous women on the list who certainly do deserve it! Also I’m super happy to see someone from Ottawa on the list, though I wish I had been paying attention during nominations because there’s a few other Ottawa gals who should most definitely be there. (@Suzemuse and @zchamu come immediately to mind)

As for the men, there’s quite the list. I actually haven’t decided who to vote for because there are so many great choices. (And a few Ottawa folks too–9 by my quick count!) So what are you waiting for, go vote!

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One thought to “Vote for Canada's most influential man/woman in social media”

  • Derek Smith

    Congrats on being nominated Kelly!

    You definitely deserve it!


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