Our parents and teachers spend a lot of time and energy enforcing good values on us. The most memorable–and important–is the golden rule:” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Makes a lot of sense, right? Then why is it often lost in the business world?

In my general observation and experiences, most companies don’t follow this rule. Fortunately there are some fantastic examples (Zappos obviously comes to mind!), so not all hope is lost.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Do you enjoy receiving unsolicited bulk email? No, you don’t. No one does, so why send it?
  • Do you like when old high school friends (or whoever) send you mass Facebook messages daily to promote whatever it is their doing but never actually send a personal message? Probably not.
  • Do you like when someone follows you on Twitter, so you follow back, but then only floods your screen with self-promotional tweets and never engages in conversations? Not likely.

The positive side…

We can also look at it in a positive light:

  • Do you like being complimented? (I bet you do!) Why not try and compliment someone else every day?
  • Do you love your tweets being re-tweeted? Take some time to re-tweet whenever you can. (Hint: don’t always re-tweet people like Chris Brogan and Guy Kawasaki. They get lots of love already, look for the hidden gems.)
  • Do you love having an old contact/friend reach out to you randomly, just to say hi? Why not take the time to re-build some old relationships, you never know where you may end up finding a great business connection.

Just a random thought for the day. I’m sure we all know and understand this, but I think sometimes a little reminder can help us all. What are you doing about it today?

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