CM Meetup AustinWhile the title community manager has been growing in popularity, I’ve noticed there still aren’t all that many in Ottawa… However, I’ve also noticed that despite this, there are many people here–both in private sector and government–who do pretty well work as community managers (albeit under a different title). On top of that there’s tons of interest in the job here as well.

Back in March at SXSW I was able to connect with a few community managers, in talks we (@vero, @yarrcat and I) decided to plan a community manager meetup, and amazingly with two days notice at a busy conference, over 25 people showed up to talk about the ever-changing job role. (photo)

While tweeting about the event, Angelina Munaretto, also from Ottawa, saw my tweets and at first thought I was in Ottawa.. That started our discussions about hosting a community manager meet up in Ottawa.

Though it took us a few months to get the inaugural event off the ground, the support from the community (community of community managers?!!) was very positive! Our first event on June 16 saw about 15 community managers and people interested in community management, showed up and participated in a interesting discussion on what exactly it means, how it’s evolved, and where it’s headed.

We plan to have more of these informal meetups in the coming months (next one probably after summer). To start we set up a LinkedIn Group where we can continue discussions between meetups.

Eventually we’d like to create more of a community site, but we’ll start with small steps. Join the group also for upcoming event notices…

Hope to see you there!

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