No doubt you’ve seen the Old Spice Man on Twitter, responding to tweets with videos, exciting both influential tweeters, celebrities and regular folk alike and getting covered on pretty much ever blog and media outlet out there…

While I definitely agree with the masses that this was a well-executed campaign-it was funny, engaging and captured the attention of so many, but I’m still reluctant to declare it a resounding social media success story (yet?) for a few reasons. And more importantly, these are some factors to consider before you go out and try to replicate Old Spice’s success (since I’m sure already this will be a case study social media experts everywhere will be preaching to the masses):

  1. Will it increase sales for the company? My guess would be quite possibly, but we don’t know yet, it’s simply too soon to tell. Aren’t we always whining about business outcomes and that success needs to be based on more than just eyeballs?
  2. What about ROI? Sure maybe they’ll get fantastic results, but clearly they spend A LOT of money on this campaign.
  3. Did Old Spice really take a big risk with this campaign? Well not really, the built it off an already successful ad campaign–which don’t get me wrong was a very smart move, but let’s all remember that when we’re trying to build our own loveable brand character.
  4. Doesn’t social media require long-term commitment and ongoing strategy? Obviously they can’t keep up the videos for ever. where will they take it yet? How will they keep their new-found audience engaged? I’m not saying they won’t but perhaps we should wait and see before we declare this the most successful social media campaign of all time.
  5. Maybe I’m just a little bitter because my man already wears Old Spice (long before Old Spice Man even) and now every man will smell like him? Either way, I love the campaign but I’m saying stop the madness–at least until we’ve had enough time to step away and see the whole picture.

    And now, for your viewing enjoyment, the original Old Spice Man ad that started this all

2 thoughts to “Is the Old Spice Man Campaign really a success? Is it even possible to tell yet?

  • Bob LeDrew

    As Shel Israel wrote on his blog, executives all over the world are currently booking meetings with marketing and comms people to say “We want to do something like that Old Spice thing…”

    And right after those meetings, marketing and comms people are going to be sitting in their cubes or offices and saying… “we can’t do that. How can we do that? But he’ll kill us if we don’t. Whaddawegonnado?”…

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