I’m a geek at heart and taught myself to code at 13, but my passion has always been communication–which is why I chose a career in PR and marketing. I’m passionately curious, adventurous and always seeking a good challenge.

After seven years working at startups as the first marketing hire, I did a brief stint in municipal government before dipping my toes in agency. I worked at Banfield for a couple years before becoming  a partner and serving as digital director for five years.  I led digital vision and growth within the company, which includes web and mobile development, social media, content marketing and analytics. I managed a team of strategists and oversee digital development team to define and modify company methodology and process. I also oversaw training and skills development across the company while directly with clients to find the best digital solutions for their business.

In 2019, I left agency life to start consulting on my own. I love working with clients who are dedicated to great results and curious about trying innovative new strategies to get there. If that sounds like you, please get in touch!

I love to connect with interesting people… Here’s a few ways to easily connect with me: